Organic Baby Food


Did you just say organic baby food?

Ufff I’m really confused on choosing the best food for my kid

Is this What Running on Your Mind ? Well, Well, Well, You are on the Right place & You are on Right Path. Don’t worry, everyone has this doubt and very few takes effort to research about it. I appreciate that you go an extra mile to find out what’s best for your baby. Okay, without much talking let’s get into the essentials and must know things about baby food.

First of all, what’s Organic Baby Food?

Organic foodstuffs are grown-up or treated without artificial manures or insecticides. Serving your baby with organic baby nutrition can minimize their exposure to these ingredients. Nevertheless, research doesn’t advise that organic diet delivers major nutritional aids.

Traditional cultivators use insecticides to safeguard their harvests from molds, creepy-crawlies and sicknesses. When planters spray insecticides, it may leave deposit on harvest. Organic yield carries considerably less insecticide remains than the traditional produce. Some folks might purchase organic baby food to resist their baby’s exposure to the residues.

Since, children might be more vulnerable to damage possibly triggered by insecticides than the grown-ups are. Nonetheless, remains on most products —the both organic as well as inorganic — don’t surpass government’s safety brinks.

What does the Government and Research has to tell about it?

Normally, study hasn’t presented organic foodstuffs to be extra nutritious than the inorganic foods. The United States Department of Agriculture [USDA] arranges for organic hallmarks for products that comprise several proportions of organic constituents — but then the USDA does not make any claims or assurances that the organic foods are not dangerous or extra nutritious than that of non-organic foods.

Some parentage’s have a preference for organic food for the reason that it’s ecologically friendly. On the other hand, others think that the organic food just tastes better. What’s supremely important, however, is the well-adjusted diet. Concentrating on your child’s healthy foods from the beginning — organic or inorganic — will probably set the platform for a lifetime full of healthy eating.

It is a smile of a baby that makes life worth living.

5 Things to keep in mind before going for a pick

1. Look primarily for Iron content

Primary the baby is in the need of iron because his body and his brain is developing so you have to be sure that you offer iron rich ingredients of sources day to day so that the baby will be healthy. Look for iron rich sources which has meat and iron instilled toddler cereals.

When you look for Meat in baby foods, make sure that you pay attention to singular meats. For example Turkey, pork, chicken and beef. Make sure that there are no extra or additional constituents added to it. It is okay if the water is added to the ingredients..

When you look for Cereal in baby foods, then you need to look for simple, one grained or iron-reinforced baby cereal. You need to always skip the flavored cereals because there are always filled with sugar and some other ingredients or elements that your baby really does not need. Instead of that you can mix your baby’s cereal with some veggies or some fruits for flavor.

2. Buy the Veggies that are seriously vegetables

The next thing you need to keep in mind is while purchasing a baby food, make sure that you pick the original veggies. The reason behind this is because there are products out there which are marketed with combo of veggies and fruits. This combo of fruit is mainly composed of sugar which actually sweetens the food. So, that creates an impression that the veggies can only be eaten when it is sweet. The baby doesn’t know the real taste of a vegetable.

By choosing the right veggie product you teach your kid to adapt his/her taste over the vegetables. So, that you don’t have to to get into World War 3 to make your kid eat veggies.

3. Juices are strictly not the kids thing

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggest that we should not allow the consumption of juices till its first birthday. it is not necessary even after on your period. Allowing baby to drink the juice made to certain effects.

  • It may lead to poor nutrition.
  • High risk of tooth decay.
  • Problems like bloating, gas and diarrhea.
  • There is a possible hazard of exposure to bacteria.

Don’t be a victim for fake advertisements. Baby juice is not so different from other juices that adults consume. Your baby can get all the nutrients required with the veggies and fruits and be proud that your kid is growing up with good habits rather than consuming artificially colored juices.

4. Pay attention to the food labels

There are three ingredients which you need to avoid while purchasing your baby food. they are

Sugar: You can explore things on the label and you may find that sugar is added to it or not. they would have mentioned it like syrups, Cane sugar, juices, sugar or as baby desserts.

Mighty salt: Exposing your baby to Salt at this age is not advisable. it is a learnt taste. If your baby gets tamed for this taste, then he or she would Crave for more salt in the future which is not healthy at all. Moreover the baby’s kidney hasn’t developed enough to sustain intake of the salt.

Flours and starches: They are the thickening agents which is really harmful for your baby’s stomach. It becomes hard for a baby to digest that kind of food. Buying baby food with this kind of ingredients would make the healthy ingredients to get out of the game. Make sure buy the right product.

5. Don’t fall for advertisements

Don’t be a prey for crazy advertisements and marketing. There are products out there that brag about the ingredients that they used in the food like the mango or the pomegranate. But many products does not necessarily contain all these ingredients. I’m not blaming all the products, yet there are some flawless products that you can buy for your baby in the market. But, you have to keep in mind all the things that I told you in your mind before you go for a product.

Pro Tip: Whenever you buy the baby food make sure that you check first three listed ingredients in the label because those are the ingredients which is present in major proportion.

Products that top nutritionists suggest for your baby

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Earth’s Best

Sprout Organic Baby Food

Gerber Organic

Ella’s Kitchen Organic

Once Upon a Farm

Pure Spoon


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