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Do you get baffled on choosing the perfect organic Dog food?

So, what is organic Dog food?

You know have pets and we want the best for them as we do our family but we may be spending too much on fancy packaging the most important thing to look at it is a label walk inside any pet food store and you’ll find regular dog food, certified organic frozen dog food,organic dog food, beef, Salmon, Kangaroo, chicken and the cost of the food is springing up day to day.
That’s a pretty big trend towards feeding our pets the way that we feed ourselves. Some veterans tell that cost and advertisement doesn’t mean much what is in the bag at the back of each food label. You should discover a declaration on the dietary adequacy and tell whether the animal product is full and balanced or not.

“Complete” in the sense it contains adequate nutrients. “Balanced” in the sense it has the nutrients in proper ratios. So,if you feel that dog is not so active and you need to boost up the energy of a dog, you can go for the most powerful organic foods. experts say that when the dogs naturally active and energetic you don’t have to spend much money on food products and other stuffs.

Natural Vs Organic foods

What makes a Dog food “Natural”?

It is more about what is not in the food than what it is. To be labeled as “natural”, pet foods must be produced without artificial coloring, flavorings or preservatives. With the exception of some vitamins, the ingredients of natural foods can only come from plants, animals or natural minerals.

Natural dog food labeled “without wheat” is also produced without corn, oats, wheat, soy, rice and buckwheat ingredients that can produce sensitivity to some pets.

Many natural brands are also free of by-products, i.e skeleton, connective tissue, blood or organs. (However there are no evidences that support these constituents are harmful to pets).

What makes a Dog food “Organic”?

if it is printed as “organic”, then dog food should be free of antibiotics, preservatives, toxic pesticide and synthetic hormones. Organic food ingredients must not be inherently stipulated, grown with chemical or irradiated fertilizers.

Explanation of food labels
Organic Dog food can be fully or partially organic. The label can explain this,

100 Percent organic : The ingredients must be organic.
Organic : To the minimum 97 percent of the constituents are organic; Remaining elements has to be the approved substances.
Made with the organic : Minimum 3/4th of the constituents are organic.

Types of Dog foods

Although dog food is not available in so many shapes, colors, sizes and tastes as human food, there are still many varieties to choose from. Regardless of the type you choose, the most important factor in your decision should be to find a food that meets all your dog’s nutritional needs.

Five primary kinds of dog foods exist:


Dry food is the cheapest type of commercial dog food, which is why many owners choose it for their dog. It also lasts a long time and does not need to be refrigerated. Dry foods can also help keep your dog’s teeth healthy, as chewing dry and crunchy foods helps reduce tartar buildup. When it comes to choosing a specific dry food, read the ingredients carefully and choose a brand that uses healthy food as the main ingredient.


Most dogs love canned or moist food; It has a long life and is easy to find in any supermarket, but it can be expensive. It is certainly worthwhile for some owners, but not all commercial brands of canned foods provide the protein your puppy needs. The real question is the amount of digestible protein it provides. The indigestible protein will go through your dog’s system without breaking down into absorbable nutrients, so it’s pretty useless for him.

Furthermore, most canned foods contain about 75% water. The higher the water content, the lower the nutrient content, so more food must be consumed by the dog to get the nutritional value your body needs. If you choose to feed your dog with canned food, it is best to choose a type with the “100% nutritionally complete” label.


Commercial dog foods in the form of pork chops, hamburgers or other meaty foods are called semi-moist foods. These types of foods are the least nutritious of all dog foods and contain many artificial flavors and colors. They can be given to your dog as an occasional treatment, but they should not be considered a diet in itself, as they do not provide the nutrition required by your puppy.

4.Home Cooked

Some dog owners appreciate the ability to have complete control of their dogs’ diet. A homemade diet allows the owner to know for sure exactly what is in all that your dog eats and to be absolutely sure that his nutritional needs are met. Feeding your dog with a homemade diet takes time and money, but many owners think that the extra effort is worth the tranquility it offers. If you decide to feed your dog with a homemade diet, become familiar with dog nutrition, so you can be sure that your dog is not short of vital nutrients.

5. Raw

A raw diet consisting of raw meat, preferably with some bones (uncooked bones, raw only) and mixed bodies, as bones are a natural source of phosphorus and calcium. This type of diet works well for many dogs, since dogs have short intestinal tract and strong stomach acids that facilitate the consumption and digestion of raw food. Before passing your dog to a raw diet, talk to your vet about the benefits and risks.

Top 5 Dog food Brands

1. Nature’s Variety Instinct

The Nature’s Variety Instinct Grain Free dog food recipe is another high superiority brand that is a prevalent choice among pet holders who recognize the prominence of using diverse benchmarks to scrutinize their dog food products. The establishment is well-known for making high class pet diet continually with additional omega-3 as well as omega-6, vitamins then minerals, and under no circumstances non-natural preservatives, colors or odors. The amount of high quantities of protein and low quantities of carbohydrates creates this an impeccable option without grains.

2. Merrick Grain Free

Merrick Grain Free meets most of our sorting norms, with great quality constituents and rare or no provocative subjects on the slant. Depending on the recipe picked, the primary constituent will permanently be a foundation of genuine protein. Some healthy condiments such as an equilibrium of omega-3 in addition to omega-6 with supplementary glucosamine as well as chondroitin turns this as a decent prime product.

3. Canidae Grain Free PURE

Canidae Grain Free has a formula of clean and waterless dog foodstuff that has existed for a while, but it is worthy of even more consideration than it has established to date. This corporation akin to the other dog diet products follows a precise modest formula to yield pet food with great eminence protein sources, deprived of additives or stuffing of needless carbohydrates, with additional vital vitamins plus minerals. This recipe is principally fit for dogs with sensitive tummies and is a unique option.

4. Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine

Sense of taste this brand is perhaps the most prevalent dog food product on the marketplace today. They use a modest formula that carefully follows the inherited diet of canines and gives importance to formulas with extraordinary protein content as well as very low carbohydrates. The Bison and Venison recipe is the extreme known product that holds high-grade protein foundations as the primary element. The rest is accompanied with hale and hearty low-calorie appendages such as fruits and vegetable.

5. Wellness Core Grain Free

It is a tremendously widespread product that has not been infected by conglomerates that ingest regular canine food creators that are quiet producing great superiority hound food. It conquers a protuberant place on leading dog nutrition products due to its sustained dedication and its potential to offer reduced fat, little carbohydrate also high eminence protein for animals. It is produced in United States of America. It is certainly never a bad select with the provision that your pet loves the taste.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”


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